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Our Mission and Why we Support Trump



Women for Trump Florida is a Judeo-Christian Faith-based group of Patriots formed to support our President, our God, our country and our conservative values. 

Our mission is to empower women & men to exercise their first amendment rights of free speech in the areas of religion and conservative politics. To enable Americans to feel safe and welcomed to openly express their conservative political and religious views without fear of reprisal.  To support President Donald J Trump and to serve God through our activism.



Trump Policies Create a Strong Economy:

50-year low unemployment rate 

Historic unemployment rates for women, blacks, Latinos, Asians, veterans 

Over 7M jobs created 

1M manufacturing & construction jobs 

Fastest wage growth in a decade & faster for low earners

90% of Americans saw paychecks grow 

Americans receive avg. of over $2,200 in Child Tax Credit - $90B 

9K Opportunity Zones spur $100B private investment where needed most 

Dems would raise taxes & reverse!

Trump Policies Great for Women:

Historically low women unemployment (3.5%) 

4.4M new jobs for women 

600K women lifted from poverty 

$200M in grants to encourage STEM careers for women 

Paid family leave for fed workers 

$2,200 avg for Child Tax Credit

Blacks and Latinos Flourishing under Trump:

Historic low 5.5% unemployment rate (prior to Trump it was NEVER below 7%) 

9,000 Opportunity Zones to spur $100B in private investment in communities 

Record funding for Historically Black Colleges 

Prison Reform -1st Step Act 

Prisoner Job Training -2nd Step Act

School Choice

Record low Hispanic unemployment 

2.9M new jobs for Latinos 

Median Latino income hit highest level EVER 

Latino homeownership

Trump strong against tyranny in Cuba, Venezuela & Nicaragua 

Trump China policy protects jobs

Trade Deals:

Replaced outdated NAFTA 

USMCA will add $68B to U.S. economy & create 176K jobs 

Solid deals w/Korea, Japan, EU 

Phase One China deal complete

Withdrew from job killing TPP 

American workers & farmers are benefiting

Farmers Benefit from Trump Policies:

Cut taxes for farmers, incl. protecting from Death Tax 

Better trade deals for farmers 

Supported farmers hurt by China trade retaliation 

Rural broadband investment


Healthcare access expanded & costs down 

Obamacare individual mandate repealed 

Record # of generic drugs approved 

Access to affordable, short-term, limited duration & association plans 

Pre-existing conditions covered

Securing the Border:

Almost 1M southern border apprehensions in 2019, 88% more than 2018 

Mexico sharing burden of enforcing border 

Attacking gangs, drugs & human trafficking 

About 450 miles of wall built by end 2020

Military & Veterans: 

Military might restored 

3.1% troop pay

Record funds & accountability at VA 

$2.1B for Veterans Choice 

$8.6B for veteran mental health to prevent suicide 

ZERO student loan debt for permanently disabled veterans 

3% veteran unemployment

Transforming federal judiciary by appointing solid conservatives who interpret law, not make it:

214 judges confirmed by Senate: 

2 Supreme Court Justices 

50 Circuit Court judges 

133 District Court judges 

2 Court of International Trade judges

Keeping America Safe and Global Leader:

ISIS decimated & al-Baghdadi DEAD 

Withdrew from Iran nuke deal 

Strong Iran & Russia sanctions 

Commitment to denuclearized Korean peninsula 

Enforced red lines against chem weapons 

Moved U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

NATO members adding over $130B in defense spending by end of 2020

European nations & Canada had largest defense increase in 1/4 century from 2016-18

NATO Secretary General specifically credited Trump


Women for Trump Florida, Inc. is a Not-For-Profit, independent club of supporters of President Donald J. Trump. This club has no connection with Donald Trump, The Donald Trump for President Campaign or Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.


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